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Classic Tours & Travels Founded by Mr. N Amarnath, began its journey in 1983. Over a period of serving the Travel industry Classic became a brand in Bangalore. Thus it is rechristened, and Registered as Bangalore Classic Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd. An IATA accredited Travel Agency with affiliation to Travel Agents Association of India ( TAAI ).

 Bangalore Classic a full-fledged tourism oriented company, is all set to make a big difference in value added tour operations in India, the unrivalled Land of sparkling civilizations. Bangalore classic tour packages are wisely designed enough to make each journey an unforgettable one, that took the most exotic holiday destinations across the globe. Let it be a business trip or a vacation, we take you to your coveted destination with meticulously planned tour packages. Our in house Foreign Exchange Services ( Licensed by RBI as a full Fledged Money Changer ) (FFMC) is complimented to better value added services.

Bangalore Classic Tour packages are designed with clock-work precision. Our expertise in the field and the matchless tour operating infrastructure are simply world class and competent of your life. what we believe is in personalized services. Our experience and expertise in the field is ample enough to provide you with the most advanced travel facilities including flight tickets, Visa, chartered helicopters and jets and impeccable services throughout your journey.

 Travel with Bangalore Classic Redefine your Vacations.


Bangalore Classic Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd is RBI Licensed to operate as an FFMC(full fledge money changer). We Buy and Sell Currency / Travelers Cheques of all Major Countries. Our experienced executives take care of all the paper work and procedures required to obtain your foreign exchange at your doorstep. We are authorized stockist of prepaid Travel Card of  HDFC Bank. Travel Cards are available in Major Currencies like US Dollar, Great Britain Pound, Euro, Australian Dollar, etc.

Air Tickets, Cruise , Charter Choppers And Jets………..

Take your journeys beyond your wildest imaginations.  Enjoy a flight in a helicopter over your  most coveted sights, ice capped peaks or serene blue seas, whatever it is. Simply charter a chopper to carry the newlywed’s to a destination of their choice or a stylish jet or Luxury Cruise to travel corporate executives to a discreet business destination.

SEEMINGLY UNBELIEVABLE. But Bangalore Classic has successfully realized such a dream with an exquisite fleet of choppers, jets and Cruise in our travel infrastructure   and it’s the first time in Bangalore. This facility also can be made available for film shooting, aerial photography and VIP transportation. Bangalore Classic facilitates specialized Aircraft chartering services and comprehensive air travel solution for your international and domestic travel needs.